FIU’s AVCC Conference

AVCC FIU LogoFor three consecutive years, CVOX has been promoting the FIU Americas Venture Capital Conference throughout South Florida and Latin America with the objective of attracting the top talent of startups and investors throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

CVOX also deployed the media strategy, both traditional and social, to consistently boost success stories of the previous year’s winners such as Open English, who had since received an estimated $6.3 million in venture capital investment. CVOX knew social media would give the Conference the momentum to attract talent to generate traditional media interest as well as the interest from the investor community.

Among the efforts to leverage Influence was the creation a Facebook survey of the various startups companies who had applied and asking the public to vote and choose the companies they believe should be chosen to compete. Leveraging the influence of the individual applicants to encourage each of their Facebook friends to engage on the AVCC Facebook page created a call to action ripple effect.

Thanks to CVOX efforts the AVCC was featured in The Huffington Post, SunSentinel, Miami Herald, EFE News, Reforma, El Mercurio, The Next Web, Pulso Social, Miami Today, among others.

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