Minerva Capital Markets

Minerva Capital Group is an ImpactBase investment fund focused on capitalizing companies in the energy and agricultural sectors in emerging markets. The firm headed by Jocelyn Cortez-Young, has a unique business model and has been closing impactful middle-market transactions advancing the sustainability of the Latin American region.

A prior Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Citigroup executive, Minerva’s exclusive portfolio is composed of companies that embrace social impact, are environmentally responsible, promote the inclusion of women and wage fairness, among others.

At CVOX we are proud to assist Minerva to promote the “Sustainable Investment Banking” as a unique market proposition that has significant media currency in both the traditional business media as well as in the innovation space.  The combination of impact investing with Private Equity provides a perfect mix for a meaningful proposition and we ensure that stakeholders at large learn about this “Private Equity 2.0”.

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