Rokk3r Labs

CVOXClientsLogos_0000_Layer 2Rokk3r Labs partners with entrepreneurs that have disruptive ideas and need a technology partner to make it alive. The Rokk3r team of entregineers  makes a science out of launching digital MVPs on its R3L platform, while growing a diversified portfolio of valuable businesses. Rokk3r Labs was founded by Nabyl Charania, Germán Montoya, Charles Irizarry, Brian Sanchez and Juan Montoya in Miami Beach, Florida.

CVOX developed a communication strategy for Rokk3r Labs to increase brand awareness. The campaign included a media relations strategy, an events strategy and an internal culture video production. As part of the media relations work, Rokk3r Labs was featured on the front page of the Miami Herald Business Monday, The Next Web, Entrepreneur Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, Wall Street Journal and others.

The events strategy included a widely attended and successful event in Miami with Brad Feld, named RokkMiami and presentations in conferences such as the Americas Venture Capital Conference. We also developed a video strategy that Rokk3r Labs internal culture and high-performing team named Lab on Lincoln.



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