In a market saturated with online music services like Pandora, Spotify, Grooveshark and CVOX had the challenge of introducing a budding socially driven Internet radio service for the next generation.

Senzari needed a strong identity to match its superior features, sleek user interface, huge catalog of music and socially integrated Facebook features including seamless real-time chatting, to compete for media attention among established market competitors.

In positioning an upgraded service like Senzari CVOX saw a two-fold strategy. Firstly, creating a global multi-market launch producing an unmatched financial growth opportunity coupled with the booming social influence of Facebook, features only Senzari can offer. Secondly, reaching top tier technology publications in the U.S. to build credibility among early adopters earning respect for the Senzari platform. This second strategy would create ripple effects in traditional and social media to build a user base and generate investor interest. Senzari was featured in PC Magazine, Tech Crunch, The Next Web, Hypebot, VH1 Brazil, Jornal Valor Economico,’s Guilherme Barros,, adNews, Rede Innova, among others.

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