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Financial Times-Redrawing the Trade Map 02.09.12

SinoLatin Capital is feature on Financial Times-China Confidential, “Redrawing the Trade Map” Trade with the emerging world starts in 2012 with robust shape. Such trends are fundamentally China trade map. 20120209_issue         + More


Por qué México ‘desprecia’ a China-SinoLatin Capital on El Financiero

Published on El Financiero China es un mercado de casi 1,400 millones de habitantes, con un valor de tres billones de dólares en comercio exterior y es el segundo socio comercial de México, pero los empresarios mexicanos sólo le venden 2% de sus exportaciones totales. ¿Qué los detiene + More


China Eyes LatAm Agribusiness – SinoLatin in Financial Times

Published by Financial Times What do Peruvian fishmeal, Chilean wine and Brazilian soy beans have in common? They’re all on China’s shopping list as the nation of 1.3bn people steps up its agribusiness acquisitions and investments overseas to overcome considerable supply constraints at home. “Obviously Chinese agribusiness investments will never have the impact of oil [&hellip + More

SLC White Paper - How to Feed 1.4 Billion People[1]

How To Feed 1.4 Billion People?

China’s breakneck growth has resulted in rapid urbanization and an insatiable appetite for everything. Consequently, food security concerns abound, and the Chinese government is implementing initiatives to assure a food supply for its 1.4 billion people. China’s limited arable land and scarce water supply puts pressure on the country to search outside its borders for [&hellip + More

Globe and Mail/ Bullish on China is still a good bet

+ More


Erik Bethel from SinoLatin Capital- El Financiero

Expansión del gigante asiático, positiva para America Latina Expansión del gigante asiático, positiva para las estrategias políticas que China pudiera adoptar para mantener el equilibrio macroeconómico no ponen en riesgo las relaciones estratégicas de inversión entre el gigante asiático y América Latina. En entrevista con EL FINANCIERO, Erik Bethel González, socio fundador y presidente de [&hellip + More

SinoLatin Capital

Our client’s opinion on Davos on The Banker

The Banker‘s Interview with Erik Bethel, managing partner of SinoLatin + More


China Changes tactics for Latin America- SinoLatin in The Banker

China changes tactics for Latin American resources China’s quest to meet its natural resources needs has been largely concentrated on Africa, but its presence in Latin America has been creeping up over the past decade. Latam governments, however, are proving to be less co-operative than their African counterparts. That China is not shy about securing [&hellip + More


China revolution from the LatAm perspective

Our client, UB&Co. featured on Diario Financiero in Chile. China ha vivido una sigilosa revolución del derecho privado en los últimos años + More

SinoLatin Capital

Our client, SinoLatin tells Latin Finance

Brazil M&A: Valuations Up, Fees Fall From this article: The Brazilian oil and gas sector is also seeing valuations that are often higher than those of similar companies elsewhere. As an example, Jorge Barreda, partner at SinoLatin Capital, which advises on M&A deals between LatAm and China, says a recent transaction valued oil assets at [&hellip + More