The Cool Kids Guide to Banking and Finance

    By: John C Abell @johncabell December 11, 2014 Have millennials sworn off banking — or are banks just particularly lousy at engaging with this tech-savvy, recession-burned group? A bunch of recent reports make it look like the former: In a survey earlier this year, the Washington-based FINRA Financial Investor Education Foundation found that about [&hellip + More


MasterCard’s Big Interactive Payments Bet

By PYMNTS @pymnts 6:15 AM EST December 9th, 2014 “We see a future where every device becomes a commerce device. This not only includes a shift in mobile-based payments, but also a move from ‘static’ plastic to ‘dynamic’ interactive payment cards and systems.” + More

Banking on Big Data: Harnessing the Untapped Value of Idle Back Office Data

The volume, speed and power of technology has transformed the Financial Services industry into one the most sophisticated data-driven sectors in the global economy, allowing for the execution of complex global transactions at the push of a button. From high-frequency trading to eCommerce to mobile banking, the financial sector is generating a huge amounts of [&hellip + More

Bitcoin: New Plumbing for Financial Services

By: Jonathan Levin (@jony_levin) | Published on CoinDesk November 29, 2014 Jonathan Levin is a digital currency consultant and entrepreneur. He previously co-founded and served as CEO of Coinometrics. Payment systems are systems of pipes and valves that allow monetary transfers between people all over the world. To most, they sit insulated from view. Even [&hellip + More

Tech Barbarians at The Gate

Bill Gates famously said, “banking is necessary – banks are not”, encapsulating the raging battle being waged for market share by innovative and disruptive technology companies against banks. Although financial services are becoming increasingly commoditized, the reality is that while banks remain the overwhelming force in the financial services market, they are facing a fundamental [&hellip + More