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Startup Weekend Boca: 10 teams + inspiration + collaboration + ping-pong = magic

Published by The Starting Gate, The Miami Herald South Florida hosted two Startup Weekends this weekend. Here is the first dispatch — from Startup Weekend in Boca Raton by guest blogger Deb Griffith. By Deb Griffith Day #1 It’s 6 pm on a Friday night, and where is the best place to be in Boca?  The [&hellip + More


Start-ups set sights on funding

Published by The Miami Herald To Morten Bjoern, launching a company in Miami that provides business intelligence solutions to the marine industry seemed a no-brainer, with its cruise line headquarters, world-class ports and a sea of wealthy investors. But landing the funding he needs has not been so easy + More


Momentum growing behind hatching a tech hub

Published by The Miami Herald The vision: Entrepreneurs find many places to meet and mingle, maybe run into an investor or two. Accelerators accept the best and the brightest start-ups, which in turn stay and grow their businesses in South Florida. Tech companies and serial entrepreneurs open their doors to mentor others. Robust university systems [&hellip + More

Hack the Bass- Sept 14-16, 2012

Hack The Bass was a weekend-long hackathon organized by LAB Miami, the Bass Museum of Art and Knight Foundation to develop a mobile app for Bass’ Temporary Contemporary art project. This was the first hackathon for the arts in Miami + More

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The Great Debate: We’ve only just begun…

Published by The Starting Gate, The Miami Herald On one side: Juan Pablo Cappello, lawyer, serial entrepreneur and serial investor in tech startups. On the other side: Auston Bunsen, young entrepreneur, programmer and organizer of the annual SuperConf + More

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Drumroll please… Hack the Bass winners are…

Published by The Starting Gate And the winners of the first hackathon for the arts in Miami, announced Sunday night, are… * First place went to Team 7: Alexandra Saba (age 19), Alfonso Guerra (age 48) from Apokalypse Software Corp, and Chris Scott (age 24) from Gnome Labs. They won $5,000 in cash for their [&hellip + More


Miami players heat up Brazil tech conference

Published by The Miami Herald Written by Pabla Ayala The Next Web’s Latin American Conference, held in Sao Paulo Aug. 22-23, brought together tech industry keynote speakers such as Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, Nicolas Szekazy, co-founder of Kaszek Ventures, and Miami’s own Demian Bellumio, COO of Senzari, as well as an action packed Startup Battle featuring [&hellip + More

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Lean Startup: Test, fail fast, pivot, ‘make great things happen’

Published by The Miami Herald When Lean Startup Machine Miami rolls out of town tonight, this much is for sure: It will be back + More


The future is now at Miami AT&T Mobile App Hackathon

Published by The Miami Herald Print version 08.13.12 Future is Now at Hackathon Bring 160+ hackers together for a weekend, keep the Red Bull flowing, and what do you get? Mobile applications to solve all kinds of life’s problems + More

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The Hackathon winners are … and why South Florida wins, too h

Published by The Miami Herald Paul Graham, take note. South Florida has plenty of nerds and a growing startup community. In 2006, the Y Combinator co-founder wrote this in an essay about building startup communities:  “I think you only need two kinds of people to create a technology hub: rich people and nerds. … Observation [&hellip + More