Free fun iPad, iPhone apps worth downloading this weekend

Published by The Examiner

According to a Mar. 7 report in “All App News”, Google has just introduced into the App Store a free, location based app called “Field Trip”. This cool app is just in time for spring and summer vacations as well as trips this weekend.

Now you can easily find hidden and special things all around you and even in your own backyard (so to speak) with this augmented reality app. This app runs in your iPhone‘s background and lets you know when you get near something interesting, like a fun place to eat, a cool place to shop or an interesting place to visit. What’s more, if you are wearing a headset or are bluetooth connected, it will tell you about the place .

All you have to do is select how often you want to be notified (I set mine to explore) and you’ll start seeing all kinds of new and exciting things while you’re traveling to new places, commuting to work or just walking around your neighborhood. Free.

Another cool app that’s just been released to the App Store is “Wahwah”. This iPhone or iPad app is a personalized radio service with a social dimension. It has a catalog of 15 million songs that you can listen to for free by tapping into what others are listening to, searching by artist and creating a personalized station, browsing customized stations or select recommended music for an activity (like working or jogging).

While you can listen to music in private, that is, you tap “Only You” and are not “On Air” for others to see what you are listening to, the focus of this app is on sharing. You can

see what other users are listening to, tap into the same music and have the option to chat. Free.

We’ll be back next time with more news and free apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! Enjoy this weekend!