50 percent say Facebook pages are more useful than websites

Published by Ragan

When fifty percent of people think a brand’s Facebook page is more useful than its website, it’s time to think seriously about yourbrand’s page.

Is your page helpful to customers? What makes someone like—or unlike—your brand on Facebook? An infographic from Lab 42 offers some helpful insight.

Almost 90 percent (87 percent) of people like brands on Facebook. Of those people:

  • Seventy-five percent feel more connected to a brand.
  • Thirty-five percent feel brands listen to them more on Facebook.
  • Sixty-nine percent have liked a brand just because a friend did.

The biggest factors that motivate people to like brand pages are promotions/discounts (34 percent) and giveaways (21 percent). But, many people like brands simply because they are loyal customers (14 percent).

Why don’t people like brand pages?

Seventy-three percent of people have unliked brands because:

  • The brand posted too frequently.
  • They stopped liking the brand.
  • They had a bad customer experience.

But there’s a lot more to customer behavior on Facebook. Take a look at the graphic for more insights