Boris Hirmas Said: “Cuando hay innovación habrá fracaso, entonces no puedes temerle al fracaso”

Published by America Boris Hirmas Said es empresario residente del Centro Empresarial Mundial Eugenio Pino y Familia (Eugenio Pino and Family Global Entrepreneurship Center) de la Escuela de Negocios de la Florida International University.  También es Vice Chairman of the Board de Idea.me e inversionista en The LAB Miami, Vice Chairman de Yellow Pepper Mobile [&hellip + More


Inside Hack the Bass: an idea for the arts worth emulating

Published by The Starting Gate, The Miami Herald It is inspiring to witness firsthand the engagement of our local tech community in what I see as the chess tournaments of our times — The Hackathon. Unfortunately, the term “hacker” has come to be unjustly and inaccurately associated to criminal technologists. It is too bad, because [&hellip + More

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Drumroll please… Hack the Bass winners are…

Published by The Starting Gate And the winners of the first hackathon for the arts in Miami, announced Sunday night, are… * First place went to Team 7: Alexandra Saba (age 19), Alfonso Guerra (age 48) from Apokalypse Software Corp, and Chris Scott (age 24) from Gnome Labs. They won $5,000 in cash for their [&hellip + More

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Venture capital fuels Latin American entrepreneurship

Published by Miami Herald Venture capital has begun playing an increasing role in fueling the Latin American region’s entrepreneurial endeavors. In its 2011 Scorecard, the Latin American Venture Capital Association estimated that funding for venture capital and private equity deals in Latin America more than doubled from 2009 to 2010, topping $8.1 billion. Of the [&hellip + More