Andreessen: Bitcoin’s viability not based on day-to-day value

By Will Hernandez Bitcoin enthusiasts flocked to the Twitter airwaves Monday to defend the technology after two major events over the weekend continued to cast doubt over the cryptocurrency’s long-term viability, at least in some mainstream circles. The more serious event occurred Sunday when U.K.-based exchange Bitstamp suspended operations because it had reason to believe [&hellip + More


SEC Removes Advertising Prohibitions for Hedge & Private Equity Funds

By Ray Ruga Funds face a new marketing frontier requiring sophisticated strategies and professional expertise Hedge and private equity funds have traditionally been low-profile investment vehicles catering to sophisticated investors. The posture has not been out of choice, but attributable to an 80 year SEC rule prohibiting the general solicitation and general advertising of funds, particularly [&hellip + More


Awesome Offices: Inside 8 fantastic startup workplaces in Miami

Published by TNW As the saying goes, “the best thing about Miami is that it is very close to the US.” One one hand, we didn’t hesitate to list the city as as one of the eighteen Latin American tech hubs you should know. On the other hand, its leading startups have little to envy [&hellip + More


AskMeOut’s teen founders win HackDay, may start a long-term relationship with Miami

Published by TNW Latin America Brazilian online dating project AskMeOut is the winner of HackDay‘s latest edition, the competition’s jury announced at the America’s Venture Capital Conference (AVCC) while immediately granting the team a $30k award + More

Colombian Idea Generator Launches First App, Trivio!

Published by PulsoSocial In June of this year, developers Juan Penagos, Diego Ramirez and German Montoya joined forces to create Mango Tree, a Colombian idea generation company powered by Rokk3r Labs. With the goal of creating fun, attractive apps with worldwide appeal, the three connected to embark on a new venture. And now, the team [&hellip + More


Rádio online usa Facebook Places para saber o que está ‘bombando’ no local

Com base na geolocalização, internautas podem ver quais são os artistas mais populares em um bar ou restaurante. O serviço de rádio online Senzari lançou nesta semana um recurso que permite visualizar os artistas mais populares em determinado local, baseado no recurso de geolocalização do Facebook Places. Segundo a empresa, a ideia do serviço é [&hellip + More


Crowdsourcing para impulsar proyectos Ideame en México

Published by Ideame es una plataforma de financiamiento colectivo que busca promover el talento creativo. Empezó en Chile y Argentina en agosto del 2011 y recientemente llegó a México. El concepto de Ideame es muy parecido al de Kickstarter: el objetivo es apoyar el desarrollo de proyectos creativos e innovadores –por lo general, muy [&hellip + More

Ideame: How Crowdfunding Works for Latin America

Alberto Padilla from Economia y Finanzas. Juan Pablo Capello  talks about Ideame and how crowdfunding in Latin America helps support artists and creatives fund their projects,  and subsequently the regional economy + More