As Market Matures, Fintech Startup Winners Will Emerge in 2015

Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Financial technology startups have boomed in recent years, and the time is ripe for some market leaders to emerge, while others will get acquired or simply disappear. Challenge: Big institutions are embracing technology startups as never before. After wild growth, and likely much more expansion to come, it’s time for some reorganization. [&hellip + More

Cybersecurity: Trends and implications of a growing phenomenon

It is an increasingly common occurrence to receive daily news about computer security systems that have been hacked. The latest attack suffered by Sony Picture Entertainment paralyzed the company’s computer systems and resulted in a large data breach of their financial records and private emails. Based on the history of security incidents at Sony, it [&hellip + More


The Cool Kids Guide to Banking and Finance

    By: John C Abell @johncabell December 11, 2014 Have millennials sworn off banking — or are banks just particularly lousy at engaging with this tech-savvy, recession-burned group? A bunch of recent reports make it look like the former: In a survey earlier this year, the Washington-based FINRA Financial Investor Education Foundation found that about [&hellip + More


High-Powered Miami Women on the Move

Published by Ocean Drive At just 23, Jocelyn Cortez-Young helped launch Goldman Sachs’s offices in Brazil and Mexico, and her career juggernaut hasn’t stopped since. By age 26, she was a force on Wall Street, responsible for emerging markets at Credit Suisse. And just three years ago, she founded Minerva Capital Group, one of the [&hellip + More