Andreessen: Bitcoin’s viability not based on day-to-day value

By Will Hernandez Bitcoin enthusiasts flocked to the Twitter airwaves Monday to defend the technology after two major events over the weekend continued to cast doubt over the cryptocurrency’s long-term viability, at least in some mainstream circles. The more serious event occurred Sunday when U.K.-based exchange Bitstamp suspended operations because it had reason to believe [&hellip + More

2014 in review, part II: Security, bitcoin, carrier billing, and mPOS 

Dec. 19, 2014 | by Will Hernandez Apple Pay might have been the most discussed mobile payments story in 2014, but data breaches were top-of-mind with consumers and the entire payments industry. Coming off the massive Target breach in 2013, we saw a number of high-profile incidents throughout this year. Those breaches put more emphasis [&hellip + More

As Market Matures, Fintech Startup Winners Will Emerge in 2015

Capital Markets Outlook 2015: Financial technology startups have boomed in recent years, and the time is ripe for some market leaders to emerge, while others will get acquired or simply disappear. Challenge: Big institutions are embracing technology startups as never before. After wild growth, and likely much more expansion to come, it’s time for some reorganization. [&hellip + More

What to expect of FinTech in 2015

By Mike Laven Ever since the global economic crisis led customers to question the previously unrivaled traditional banking system, we have seen a wave of innovative players rising up and re-shaping old-fashioned banking models. Over the past few years a host of new companies have shot up, offering alternative methods to everything from loans to [&hellip + More


The Cool Kids Guide to Banking and Finance

    By: John C Abell @johncabell December 11, 2014 Have millennials sworn off banking — or are banks just particularly lousy at engaging with this tech-savvy, recession-burned group? A bunch of recent reports make it look like the former: In a survey earlier this year, the Washington-based FINRA Financial Investor Education Foundation found that about [&hellip + More