What to expect of FinTech in 2015

By Mike Laven Ever since the global economic crisis led customers to question the previously unrivaled traditional banking system, we have seen a wave of innovative players rising up and re-shaping old-fashioned banking models. Over the past few years a host of new companies have shot up, offering alternative methods to everything from loans to [&hellip + More


The Cool Kids Guide to Banking and Finance

    By: John C Abell @johncabell December 11, 2014 Have millennials sworn off banking — or are banks just particularly lousy at engaging with this tech-savvy, recession-burned group? A bunch of recent reports make it look like the former: In a survey earlier this year, the Washington-based FINRA Financial Investor Education Foundation found that about [&hellip + More


YellowPepper spices up Latin American mobile payments

Published by BankingTech.com Written by Elliott Holley A new mobile payments network called YellowPepper has launched in Colombia, marking the beginning of a massive project to bank the unbanked and sweep away the dominance of cash across the Spanish-speaking Americas + More


Going cuckoo for LatAm cocoa

Published by Financial Times “Chocolate” and “shortage” should never appear in the same sentence. But as the Chinese say, in every crisis, there is opportunity. And as Chinese taste buds are one of the biggest new drivers of global cocoa demand, it’s apt that a merchant bank focused on trade between China and Latin America [&hellip + More


LatAm entrepreneurs invade San Francisco to disrupt

Although of course there are millions of ordinary people in Latin America that don’t give a second thought to the notion of tech entrepreneurship, in that small but growing community of people that do care on a daily basis, it seems like there aren’t many at home this week, whether you look in Mexico City, Buenos [&hellip + More

SinoLatin Capital

Latin America Has What China Needs

SinoLatin Capital’s Managing Partner, Erik Bethel Speaks at the Leading International Mining Investment Event 2012 Mines and Money Beijing Conference BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mr. Erik Bethel, Managing Partner of SinoLatin Capital, the premier investment platform between China and Latin America focused on natural resources and commodities, spoke at the 2012 Mines and Money Beijing Conference, June 19-21st, [&hellip + More