América Latina, una potencia tecnológica emergente

Published by The Wall Street Journal En edificios envejecidos, escondidos en calles que pasan desapercibidas en los barrios bohemios de Condesa y Roma en Ciudad de México, está ocurriendo una especie de revolución. Veinteañeros en camisetas trabajan en sus laptops, escribiendo códigos y diseñando interfaces de usuario para portales en Internet de nuevas empresas tecnológicas + More


Perspectives from “LatAm Invasion”

Published by Latin America Startup Blog This has been quite a week in Silicon Valley for Latin America.  In addition to TechCrunch Disrupt, a group from Argentina and Brazil have “invaded” Silicon Valley to present their companies to investors and other interested parties.  As you’ll see below, the LatAm Invasion has gotten quite a reception [&hellip + More


The Next Emerging Tech Powerhouse: Latin America

Published by All Things D In aging buildings, hidden on unassuming side streets in the Bohemian sections of Mexico City known as Condesa and Roma, a revolution of sorts is occurring. Twentysomethings in T-shirts huddle over laptops, writing code and working on user interfaces for start-up technology Web sites. Design approaches are debated, and Lean [&hellip + More


Tecnológicas latinoamericanas atraen a 200 inversores de Silicon Valley

Published by EFE Los Ángeles (EE.UU.), 7 sep (EFE).- Dos centenares de inversores de Silicon Valley asistieron a la presentación de proyectos de 18 empresas tecnológicas emergentes de América Latina que buscan tender puentes de negocio con EE.UU., según informó hoy a Efe el cofundador del fondo de inversión NXTP Labs, Gonzalo Costa, organizador del [&hellip + More


LatAm entrepreneurs invade San Francisco to disrupt

Although of course there are millions of ordinary people in Latin America that don’t give a second thought to the notion of tech entrepreneurship, in that small but growing community of people that do care on a daily basis, it seems like there aren’t many at home this week, whether you look in Mexico City, Buenos [&hellip + More


Demo Day: Latin America Invades Silicon Valley

Demo Day: Latin America Invades Silicon Valley  Startup Accelerators NXTP Labs and 21212 will present 20 LatAm Startups to Silicon Valley VCs September 6th at the offices of Microsoft  Mountain View, CA, Aug. 31, 2012 – Twenty startups from two of Latin America’s leading accelerators, NXTP Labs and 21212, will be traveling to Silicon Valley [&hellip + More