SEC Removes Advertising Prohibitions for Hedge & Private Equity Funds

By Ray Ruga Funds face a new marketing frontier requiring sophisticated strategies and professional expertise Hedge and private equity funds have traditionally been low-profile investment vehicles catering to sophisticated investors. The posture has not been out of choice, but attributable to an 80 year SEC rule prohibiting the general solicitation and general advertising of funds, particularly [&hellip + More


“De-Minimis”… cómo bajar costo de importaciones menores

Published by Estrategia & Negocios El ahorro de costos del sector público y privado que implicaría un aumento del nivel de de-minimis, excede con creces las pérdidas de ingresos por tarifas aduaneras e impuestos internos. Por: Ray Ruga, Director Ejecutivo de CLADEC (Asociacion integrado por DHL, FedEx, TNT & UPS) México, Chile y Perú, tres [&hellip + More

CVOX Video: Team of authentic, engaging, informative

A team of highly experienced, tech savvy, global communication experts that specialize in the Latin American financial and technology sectors. We listen, analyze, create, plan, then deploy: media, social media, online presence, organic SEO campaigns, in addition to traditional public relations and marketing services + More


China & Latin America: More Than Two Ships Passing In The Night?

Published by Poder 360 China’s insatiable appetite for commodities has opened the door to a fast friendship. Whether the relationship matures is another question. By Ray Ruga Illustration Isabelle Cardinal Like a new kid in school seeking acceptance and popularity, China has been making flirtatious overtures to Latin America, which has long been going steady [&hellip + More