Going cuckoo for LatAm cocoa

Published by Financial Times “Chocolate” and “shortage” should never appear in the same sentence. But as the Chinese say, in every crisis, there is opportunity. And as Chinese taste buds are one of the biggest new drivers of global cocoa demand, it’s apt that a merchant bank focused on trade between China and Latin America [&hellip + More

SinoLatin Capital

SLIA Believes Latin American Commodities Will Continue to Experience Demand

Erik Bethel, Managing Partner of SLIA addressed Korean Investors at the Private Equity International Global Alternative Investment Forum in Seoul, Korea SEOUL, Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mr. Erik Bethel, Managing Partner of SLIA, a private equity fund focused on acquiring Latin American natural resources companies with an eye on linking them to Asia, addressed the Private Equity International [&hellip + More


China Slowdown Doesn’t Weaken Latin America

China’s trade with Latin America should continue at impressive levels despite a slower Chinese GDP expansion, experts predict. BY LATIN AMERICA ADVISOR Inter-American Dialogue “As China‘s leaders know, the country’s current economic growth model is unsustainable,” World Bank president Robert Zoellick said Feb. 27 at the release of a new report from the bank and a [&hellip + More



Published by AndesOne Sobre la potencialidad del litio chileno, se dice mucho: que puede impulsar la economía del mundo; que es un desafío irrenunciable; que su explotación debe ser cuidadosa; que sería mejor reservarlo por algunos años más; que hay que privatizarlo; que hacen falta más actores; y un largo etc. Sí hay consenso en [&hellip + More

SLC White Paper - How to Feed 1.4 Billion People[1]

How To Feed 1.4 Billion People?

China’s breakneck growth has resulted in rapid urbanization and an insatiable appetite for everything. Consequently, food security concerns abound, and the Chinese government is implementing initiatives to assure a food supply for its 1.4 billion people. China’s limited arable land and scarce water supply puts pressure on the country to search outside its borders for [&hellip + More


China, Oil and Latin America

One way or another, almost every article or analysis that talks about China in modern economic history  in virtually every context, industry or sector refers to years of continuous economic growth, the emergence of a vibrant middle class and the massive urbanization and industrialization that is taking place as the country positions itself as the [&hellip + More